Online Chess

Play online on your MILLENNIUM board 

Get back the authentic game feeling even when playing online! You can connect MILLENNIUM boards to the popular online platforms and For tournaments you can use the professional platform
No more long and tiring screen time! From now on you can enjoy online chess to the fullest. Your eyes and concentration stay on the board, the real chess board and the pieces give you the classic chess feeling. 

But that’s not all: With the same equipment you can use a variety of offline chess programs. You can find out more about them here:

With the Android version of the app you can also use your MILLENNIUM board to play against other users.

The time modes are freely selectable, there are no restrictions for board players.





  • Play online on the #1 chess platform 
  • Over 10 million downloads of the android version



Do you have a question about the app? Please contact support directly.


With MILLENNIUM ChessLink app

The free ChessLink app allows you to play on with friends from all over the world. Simply download the app and connect to the board via ChessLink module if necessary.




Android, iOS


  • Rated or unscored games starting at 3 minutes against friends, or starting at 5 minutes + 5 seconds bonus per move against opponents from all over the world.
  • Access to your Lichess friends list: Instantly see who’s online right now.
  • Play against the Stockfish engine at your desired skill level.
  • Supports consensual move reversals.
  • Supports win-reclamations if your opponent unexpectedly leaves the game.



You can find the contact details of our support here.


With WhitePawn app

Alternatively you can use the free White Pawn app to play on The principle remains the same: Simply download the app and connect to the board via ChessLink module if necessary.

Khadim Fall
Android, iOS
  • Online games with friends
  • Online games about Lichess
  • Games against Engine
  • Games against OEX Engines (Adnroid only)
  • Game history and analysis of games
  • Customization of board and piece design
  • Livestreaming of games to the web
You have a question about the app? Click here and send your support request directly to the developer.

Hybrid tournaments on real boards Tornelo is the benchmark for all serious tournaments: Everyone feels comfortable here, whether organizer, arbiter or player. Designed as an all-round carefree package including player pairing draw, broadcasting and correction options for arbiters, the platform comes into play especially for serious sports events.

Connector for MILLENNIUM boards

eONE - eBoard with integrated bluetooth



Connect to these boards via ChessLink

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