Chess for Ukraine
Be there live when chess giants from Lviv and Berlin compete in a charity match on September 23rd. The donations will go to children in Ukraine.
Chess computer with adaptive levels & super-smooth pressure sonsor board.


Digital chess on real boards

Chess, the game of kings, has fascinated and connected people of all countries and cultures for many centuries. But equally, man has long longed for an artificial game partner when there was no human player available.

While the so-called "Schachtürke" in 1769 by Wolfgang von Kempelen was just a mechanical trick, today there are no limits to our possibilities: We can compete offline against the artificial intelligence of a chess computer or play online against other people from all over the world via platforms on the Internet.

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Chess computer with adaptive game levels and Chess960 in a wooden frame

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Play online with ChessLink app

Play online chess on your Millennium Board. Play with friends from all over the world with our free ChessLink app. Simply download it from the Google Play Store or App Store and connect to your board.

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Hybrid Chess: The future of chess tournaments

Intensive travel preparation, financing, hours of travel to the venues and huge halls where hundreds of chess players duel. All this has been a thing of the past for the time being since the Corona lockdowns. But out of necessity, a whole new format emerged: hybrid chess. Without further ado, chess tournaments were held online via platforms like Tornelo. Locally appointed referees ensure fair games.  

MILLENNIUM's eBoard Supreme Tournament 55 provides comfort and concentration for the players, who should not and do not want to sit in front of the screen for hours.  

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Millennium has created its own league, the Millennium Hybrid Masters, in 2022. Here you can find more information about it:

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