Natural playing feel

Fully automatic piece detection and LED move indicator provide a completely natural feel. Even dragging pieces across the board becomes possible with it.

The advantages of the piece recognition go far beyond the comfort and the pure position building:

  • The board always knows which piece is where. If a piece falls over, the affected square flashes immediately. A change of view between display/screen and board is no longer necessary.
  • Training setups are very easy: for example, you can play with only pawns and king - set up the pieces, confirm the position, start.
  • You use apps to play online on the board? First of all, the board shows all moves via the LEDs, so you can safely ignore the cell phone display. But even if you place a piece one square too short, for example, the board notices this immediately and lights up the corresponding square. Convenience and user-friendliness increase significantly, since operating errors are excluded.

Once you have experienced the comfort of automatic piece recognition, you will never want to do without it again!D

Play hybrid tournaments against clubs around the world

For professional tournaments you can use the platform. Here you play directly on the board - against thousands of chess club and institutions all over the world! Here, too, your opponent's moves are displayed with the LEDs on the board. Whether in the Millennium Hybrid Masters or in your own hybrid competition - combine the advantages of playing in your home club room with opponents from all over the chess world!

Online OTB tournaments - Stream your matches all over the world

Tornelo is also the platform of choice for professional tournaments "over the board". The new broadcast mode allows you to stream the games live to the whole world. The games can be followed on Tornelo and from there they can be directly embedded on other platforms like Lichess. The arbiter enjoys the full Tornelo comfort features and can intervene at any time if necessary. The LEDs remain deactivated in this mode and hide "invisibly" in the board. Up to 10 boards can be connected to a host PC using active USB components (USB hub & USB amplifier cable) and controlled via the Millennium/Tornelo connector. 20 players - 10 boards - 1 PC, ready to play worldwide!

Chess Classics Element
Chess computer module with The King & ChessGenius


Play against artificial intelligence

Connect a chess computer and compete against artificial intelligence. 

With the Chess Classics Element you get two top-class opponents: ChessGenius and The King. 

All modules are upgradeable via USB interface, so you can benefit from our further developments.

Chess specific features:
Suitable for: All chess lovers, from children to grandmasters
Additional pieces: 2 queens additionally included
Pieces included: Yes, handmade real wood premium chess pieces with integrated RFID chip, piece felt and weights in American Staunton 3.75 style
Magnetic Pieces : No
Piece compartment: No, piece storage in premium packaging
King's height: 9,5 cm / 3.75 inches
Chess board technology: Ultra-fast RFID piece recognition
Move indication: 81 LEDs (4 per chessboard), dimmable, can be switched off
Connection board computer: Standard mini-Din cable, 4 pin
Play online:
Necessary accessories: ChessLink Modul M822
Required app: ChessLink App for Lichess; Android App
Compatible mobile devices: Android devices from Android 6.0 with Bluetooth BLE; iOS devices; Tornelo via Windows PC
Supported servers:,,
Power supply:
Batteries necessary: No
Power supply included: Yes, with interchangeable attachments for EU / UK / US (for connection to the respective module used)
Dimensions & weights:
Measurements of product: 55 x 55 x 2 cm
Length connection cable: 39.37 inches
Article weight: 4,2 kg
Model number & age recommendation:
Model number: M850
Age recommended by manufacturer: 6 Years & Up

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All extensions & accessories

Chess computer integrated: Yes Material: Real wood
Chess Classics Element
Chess computer module with The King & ChessGenius

Bluetooth module for connecting mobile devices

Battery pack


Spare Parts

Chess board technology: Piece recognition Material: Real wood
Pieces for Supreme boards
Figures with RFID piece recognition chips

Power supply 9V for chess computer
Power supply with interchangeable attachments for EU, US, UK and AUS