Compatible chess programs

Use your MILLENNIUM board with these apps and engines

For those who appreciate comfortable chess board play, but don't want to miss out on the versatility of chess programs: You can use many applications together with your MILLENNIUM board! 

We have summarized all current possibilities on this page.  Since our ChessLink protocol is open and accessible to everyone, new applications are added all the time. We keep this page up to date, so you can always check here if something new has been added. 

With these MILLENNIUM boards you have full access to the chess programs. 

That's not all: with the same equipment you can also play online. You can find more info here:

Discover the possibilities

With these chess programs you play on your MILLENNIUM board.

HIARCS for iPhone/iPad

Mark Uniacke
Suitable for Apple mobile devices: iPhone & iPad.
The app features a particularly high playing strength of up to 3100 ELO (I Pad Pro), making it perfect for training high-performance players.
For all those who play chess at a normal level, there is a special adaptive playing strength level, which automatically adjusts to the user’s abilities and displays their own playing strength.
You have a question about HIARCS? Click 
here and send your support request directly to the developer.

HIARCS Chess Explorer

  • World class chess database, analysis tool and game program.
  • Suitable for all players from beginners (750 ELO) to world chess champions with human-like play.
  • Adaptive playing strength and display of personal ELO value.


Mark Uniacke

Suitable for PC and Mac.


  • World-class chess Graphical User Interface (GUI) with advanced database, analysis and gameplay features. Supports UCI chess engines. 
  • HIARCS engine is the highest rated single processor chess program on the official SSDF rating list.
  • Wide range of realistic handicap levels for players of all strengths with coaching advice, opening training and rating your playing ability in ELO.
  • Game analysis, learning openings, preparing for opponents, live game support and engine matches.
  • PGN databases (over 250,000 games, ~1000 with annotations by IMs & GMs) and opening books with detailed statistics.
  • Online access to up to 1,000 GB of chess endgame tables and GM opening books.

Special features with ChessLink & Millennium Boards

  • Use the HIARCS Chess Explorer conveniently on your Millennium Board
  • Connection to the Millennium Exclusive or Performance Board via ChessLink Enter games and analysis with the Millennium Exclusive Board
  • Set up positions with the Millennium Exclusive board Supports “looping” of chess pieces Supports move retraction or position adjustments
  • Strike moves can be executed completely naturally


You have a question about HIARCS? Click here and send your support request directly to the developer.

HIARCS Chess Explorer

  • HIARCS Chess Explorer Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Single core version of World Champion HIARCS 1
  • Game database and comments from chess masters
  • Access to standard online content
  • Email newsletter, free first updates and upgrade discounts

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Deep HIARCS Chess Explorer

  • HIARCS Chess Explorer Graphical User Interface (GUI) 
  • World class chess software champion Deep HIARCS 14 
  • Multi core version for maximum performance & faster analysis 
  • Game database and comments from chess masters 
  • Comments from World Champion Vishy Anand Online GM+ opening book includes theory from world-class correspondence chess 
  • Email newsletter, free first updates and upgrade discounts 

Chess for Android

Aart Bik
Suitable for Android mobile devices.
  • The free app already has several free engines integrated, and also offers the possibility to connect UCI engines
  •  Play online with version 6.1.3 Alpha: The new version supports FICS (free internet chess server) as well as ICC (internet chess server).
Do you have a question about Chess for Android? Click here and send your support request directly to the developer.

Lucas Chess

  • Lucas Monge
  • driver to control MILLENNIUM eboard created by Graham O’Neill
  • Windows 7+ 
  •  Linux 64
  • The program has more than 50 engines prepared to play from the start, and with very different levels, from 0 to 3300 elo (last Stockfish, Komodo, Maia1100-1900…) This list of engines is not closed and you can add other ones with the only limitation that they use the UCI protocol. Younger children will be able to begin their apprenticeship with special engines that know little more than moving the pieces, and this will enable them to win against the engines from the very beginning.
  • It has an extensive list of trainings, basics, openings, tactics, endings.
  • Competitions against engines until 2400 elo, liChess games, tournament personalities, …
  • Tools to create little databases, polyglot books, tournaments between engines…

ChessLink as DLL Integration for ARENA and SHREDDER

Graham O’Neill
Suitable for:
  • Linux PC with LUCASCHESS via USB
  • Allows direct control of the board without the need for an engine vs. engine match. 
  • Can be used both for playing against engines (with retraction of moves) and for analyzing positions or playing through games. 
  • In Shredder positions can be built up using the board. 
  • In LucasChess the board can be used in the training options (e.g. for learning opening lines). 
  • The program supports the eONE, Exclusive and Supreme Tournament 55 boards as well as The King Performance.
Downloads and documentation can be found here. There is a "Contact Me" page on this site to contact the developer directly.


Lars Nowak
Windows 7+
  • Chess interface for UCI engines 
  • Support of Exclusive, Supreme Tournament 55, King Performance and eOne boards via USB and Bluetooth. 
  • Use the electronic chess boards Exclusive or Supreme Tournament 55 to analyze your games or for training. 
  • Allow to play tournaments or duels. 
  • Determine their playing strength compared to a UCI engine.  
  • BearChess is a very popular interface with many setting options, also suitable for running automated tournaments.
via email:

Chess Dojo

Gerhard Kalab 
@2021 for Android 
Direct, largely intuitive operation Elo levels for several "Personalities" in the range of 500 to 2700 Elo points selectable 
Position input for chess problems very easy 
Fast, reliable hardware detection for all connected Millennium boards, including eOne 
Very easy synchronization of game situation, if board position differs from target situation (display) 

ChessLink as UCI Integration for FRITZ

Lars Nowak
Suitable for:
  • Windows PC with ARENA via USB
  • Windows PC with FRITZ (Version 7 or higher) via USB
The UCI ChessLink Engine integrates the ChessLink interface into any UCI capable chess program.
The interface simulates a UCI engine and transfers moves from the board to the PC and vice versa. Both ARENA and FRITZ have already been successfully tested with it. The program supports both the Exclusive boards and The King Performance.
Thanks to Lars Nowak for this great expansion!
Please find downloads, documentation, limitations and installation advice here.

Python library for integration into chess software

Dominik Schlosser 
Suitable for: 
  • Linux, USB, Bluetooth LE  
  • Raspberry PI, USB, Bluetooth LE  
  • Windows: USB  
  • MacOS: USB 
The software is designed to make it easy to add new transports (e.g. more Bluetooth variants). 
Dominik Schlösser has written a library for the Python programming language based on our interface definitions for the Chess Link, which allows a comparatively easy integration of the interface into existing chess software products. The project is currently in its early stages and is intended to enable chess software developers to quickly integrate the ChessLink and the Millennium Exclusive chess board. 
The library supports: 
  • automatic hardware detection on USB  
  • automatic Bluetooth search  
  • move display via LEDs (optional display of 4 half moves in analysis mode via LED sequences)  
  • interoperability with Python chess  
  • FEN import  
  • position setting via board or FEN  
  • UCI engines (tested with Stockfish and Leela Chess Zero)
The library abstracts the details of the protocol and provides functions like: Querying the position of the Millennium board in FEN format, passing the user's move to the engine, signaling the engines' move by leds, etc. Our request: If you want to use the library or our interface, please inform us briefly about your project and also about its completion. We would like to acknowledge successful implementations accordingly and make them available to all users here. Just send a short email to
The necessary files - including the complete interface documentation of ChessLink - can be found on Github.

eONE - eBoard with integrated bluetooth



Connect to these boards via ChessLink

Supreme Tournament 55

Chess Classics Exclusive

ChessGenius Exclusive

The King Performance

The King Competition



To all developers! 

Further functionalities and programs can and should be connected. The MILLENNIUM interface code can be integrated into any GUI, e.g. Android or Apple iOS smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows or Apple computers. Feel free to contact our office in Munich directly and get the ChessLink-protocoll.