If the Mephisto Phoenix displays the WIFI networks or its own router as WLAN and WLAN (1) with signal strengths of 60 or higher, access is generally possible. 

Possible error sources are: 
  • Incorrect network key entry 
  • Password contains special characters that are not offered by the virtual Phoenix keyboard --> This can be changed in the router, i.e. a new network key can be assigned. 
  • MAC address of Phoenix (visible in System Information) not allowed by router for security reasons --> Allow Mac address(es)! of Phoenix (both WIFI adapters) in router. 
  • Unlikely, but also possible: Too many devices are already connected via WLAN at the same time. 

On the settings side, you still need to make sure that the WPA2 protocol is used. 
If the problem still exists, or no changes to the router are desired, the following approaches can help: 
  • Setting up guest access in the router with settings that are compatible with the Phoenix. 
  • Using the hotspot on the smartphone to check the basic connection. 
  • As of December 2022, WIFI access is only required for system updates.