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  • After rebooting the system, the general system settings, as last used outside the profiles, are reloaded. These include in particular the SYSTEM SETTINGS (volume, LED settings, etc.), but also the last engine used, the configuration of the analysis box, the configuration of the opening books and the selected time setting. 
  • The engine itself is loaded with the default settings provided by the respective programmer. 
  • All engine-specific parameters, the so-called UCI settings, are NOT loaded automatically. So e.g. the Elo setting as well as specific engine options like "Use NNUE" or "Skill-Level". 
  • Also NOT automatically loaded are the settings you may have used by loading a profile in the previous session. 
  • TIP: If you want to play regularly with constant settings, we recommend to save them in a profile in the COMFORT MENU and load them directly after starting the system.