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  • ChessGenius Exclusive
  • ChessGenius Exclusive LED move indicator
  • Exclusive Board
  • ChessGenius module
  • ChessGenius module
  • ChessGenius Exclusive pieces white
  • ChessGenius Exclusive pieces black

The chess computer for highest comfort and demand. In real wood with fully automatic piece recognition.

With the ChessGenius Exclusive and its handmade wooden board you take the step into the luxury class of chess computers.

The usual “pressing” on the board is no longer necessary – move the pieces as naturally and comfortably as on a classic chess board. The worldwide eunique RFID piece recognition of the ChessGenius Exclusive makes it possible.

You concentrate purely on your game.  Because moves from the computer are displayed directly on the board via the elegantly recessed 81 LEDs. The computer unit serves as your chess clock. With the automatic piece recognition every position is very easy to set up. These functions provide a completely natural playing feeling. This is how chess is fun!

Thanks to its modular structure, the system can be expanded at any time, without having to exchange the heart – board and pieces. Treat yourself to pure chess enjoyment!

Concentrate on your game. Only. Because moves from the computer, help or errors are displayed directly on the board. This is made possible by 81 light piepes embedded in the wood, each powered by an LED. The worldwide unique, automatic figure recognition with lightning-fast RFID technology provides a completely natural playing feeling. You place your pieces as if on a classic wooden board, the ChessGenius Exclusive does the rest!

A look at the computer unit in the separate case is normally not necessary – it also serves as a chess clock. The extra large, illuminated display offers dozens of info displays around your game (similar to the former Mephisto top devices) and can be easily read at any time. All menus, help and texts on the 5-line display are integrated in all 7 device languages.

And if you’re not playing, the ChessGenius Exclusive with its high-quality look will provide admiring looks. Because no matter if chess board or chess pieces – real wood and handcraft in connection with the high-end electronics provide for that certain something!

With ChessGenius Exclusive an almost unlimited number of difficulty levels is adjustable and for particularly strong players tournament levels are available.

The possibility to throttle the processor is also unique: This allows you to reduce the performance of the computer without interfering with playing style and chess knowledge.

Many levels can be selected especially for beginners. The optional switchable chess trainer warns of bad moves, offers their withdrawal and makes suggestions for improvement for more optimal moves. In addition, the opening books can also be completely deactivated.
The very well implemented beginner levels are set in such a way that an attractive game is offered even at low difficulty levels.

The opening libraries have more “treats” waiting for you; The “Classic London Book” with approx. 57.000 positions is the classic for Richard Lang’s program.
The new “Master Book” (>300.000 positions) by Mark Uniacke from HIARCS is an extremely broad and modern variant that guarantees a varied game.
Last but not least the new version C23, which is already installed here, contains 6 different special opening books. With these you can train certain opening types like the Sicilian opening. Or you can opt for the popular Gambit Book and play extraordinary variations.

The device is extremely informative: Examples are the display of move suggestions, the display of position evaluation and main variant, the display of permanent brain calculations as well as the display of the calculation depth and the number of calculated move possibilities.

The device also enables the saving and loading of games in PGN format with subsequent export via the USB interface.

The ChessGenius Exclusive is suitable for every chess player with these features – from grandchildren to experienced tournament players.

Devices with figure recognition are extremely rare. The technology is complex, since each piece must have its own recognition methodology built in.

However, the advantages of this complex technology go far beyond the mere position setup:

  • The chess computer always knows which piece is where. If a piece falls over, the affected field flashes immediately. A change of view between display and board is no longer necessary.
  • The Exclusive also offers an adjustable recognition speed. This allows you to drag the figures comfortably over the board.
  • Do you play with your son, daughter or grandchild? Then try a handicap game: Just leave out the two knights on your side, for example. With Exclusive, you can do this in a second without any programming. For training purposes, you can, for example, only play with pawns and kings – set up pieces, confirm position, start.
  • Do you use apps to play online on the board? First the board shows all moves via the LEDs, so you can ignore the mobile phone display. But even if, for example, you place a piece too short – the board notices this immediately and lets the corresponding square light up. Comfort and user enjoyment increase significantly, as operating errors are excluded.

Who once has the comfort of the ChessGenius Exlcusive , no longer want to do without it!

ChessGenius Exclusive is your chess station for life!

The modular structure of the system allows you to connect extensions at any time. For example, with the ChessLink you can compete against players all over the world or play engines on mobile devices.

Additional modules allow the operation of other chess computer engines or the expansion with newer technologies. All modules are upgradeable via USB interface, so that you can profit from our further developments.

The RFID chips in the pieces are designed for a lifespan of 30 years. Treat yourself to pure chess fun!

The ChessGenius Exclusive contains – name-giving – one of the most famous chess engines of all time: ChessGenius by Richard Lang.

The Englishman, with his 10 World Championship titles in computer chess, is without doubt one of the most successful chess programmers of all time. His legendary program ChessGenius succeeded on 31.08.1994 in the historical first victory of a chess program over a reigning world chess champion at a official tournament: World champion Garry Kasparov was defeated at the Intel Grand Prix tournament in London with 1.5 : 0.5 points.

Experience the natural and comfortable feel of the ChessGenius Exclusive:


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Chess board 40 x 40 x 2 cm, King height 7.4 cm

ARM Cortex M7 / 300MHz / 2048 KB ROM / 384 KB RAM

Hand-crafted wooden sensor board with fully automatic piece recognition

81 single-square LEDs (4 each per square)

Separate chess clock module with very large display (73 x 39 mm), adjustable lighting and flexible display options (chess clock, multi-line information display, chess board Display)

Software updates via USB port, hardware module is fully exchangeable

aving and loading games (PGN format), optional download of opening libraries, firmware updates or engines

Power pack for international sockets included (EU, UK, US)


ChessGenius, based on Richard Lang‘s world-famous program

> 2300 ELO (at Tournament level)

Infinite number of difficulty levels with variable settings; fun levels (makes mistakes on purpose), easy levels (limits the number of calculated moves), speed and fast chess, tournament chess with/without Fischer’s clock

Variable configuration from 50 – 300 MHz

Choice between the Classic London Book (57,000 positions) and Master Book (> 300,000 positions by M. Uniacke)

Cursor-operated menu; info display scrollable in 5 lines; 7 language settings available

For entering games and analyses

Take back and repeat an unlimited number of moves

  • Display of suggested and alternative moves
  • Display of position rating and main line
  • Display of permanent brain calculations
  • Display of the calculation depth and number of moves analysed
  • Easy entering of chess positions (using automatic piece recognition)
  • Position control with board display
  • Analysis mode with countless options
  • A wide variety of settings (display contrast, turn board, calculation speed,
    chess clock left or right, chess trainer etc.)

Download Firmware (only for ChessGenius Software, not The King Element)

In the following files you will find all information about downloading and using the latest Firmware for ChessGenius.

M820 CGX Tool for Windows english
M820 CGX Tool for MAC de/en

Download Portable Game Notification

In the following files you will find all information about downloading and using the tool.

M820 PGN Tool for Windows english
M820 PGN Tool for Mac de/en

Play chess online via ChessLink module

M811 Power Supply Netzteil

Get the authentic chess feeling and play online chess on the real chess board. Connect your board via the ChessLink module to one of three free apps (ChessLink, chess.com, White Pawn) and find an opponent on lichess.org or chess.com or tornelo.com.

Or connect your board to one of several offline chess programs such as HIARCS or Chess for Android.

All about online chess
Offline chess programs
Play online with ChessLink module & app

The connection between the board and your (mobile) device is established via the Bluetooth module ChessLink.

Buy ChessLink

Perfectly set in scene with Luxe Cabinet

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The elegant wooden pedestal really makes your Exclusive Board stand out. You can store accessories and cables in its drawer so that nothing disturbs the perfect picture.

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Battery pack for MILLENNIUM chess computers


Perfect for garden & balcony, camping and all places where there is no power outlet in the immediate vicinity. The practical battery pack is suitable for Millennium chess computers and accessories with 9V power supply. The ChessVolt guarantees many hours of playing time independent of the mains. Simply connect your chess computer with the supplied cable. Also use this cable for charging. 4 LEDs indicate the state of charge.

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