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Voucher for HIARCS Chess Explorer

Product number: FA-M897

Do you want to take your game to the next level? Do you want to feel the feel of a real chessboard and enjoy the advantages of modern chess software at the same time? Then we have just the thing for you: HIARCS Chess Explorer in combination with a Millennium eBoard, the eONE or the Exclusive Luxe Edition

HIARCS Chess Explorer is a top-of-the-range chess software for Windows or Mac that offers you an intuitive, graphical user interface. Explore the many functions for managing chess databases, improve your game strategy by analysing and training, all for players of any level.

Compatible with all Millennium Electronic Boards and chess computers with ChessLink extension, HIARCS Chess Explorer will revolutionise your chess experience. And best of all: Get this fantastic chess software worth EUR 49.95 now for free when you buy an eONE or Exclusive Luxe Edition

HIARCS offers you among other things: 

  • An advanced chess user interface 
  • PGN chess databases and analysis functions Integrated Hiarcs 14 engine and the possibility to add further UCI engines such as Stockfish 16 or Leela Zero 
  • Realistic game levels with coaching tips, automatic strength adjustment and an Elo rating of your game 
  • Easy learning and preparation of openings, including playing games from these openings 
  • Online access to chess endgame tablebases and grandmaster opening books 

 Take the chance to combine your Millennium eBoard with HIARCS and experience chess on a whole new level!


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