ChessGenius Exclusive is a very flat, hand-crafted wooden sensor board with a move display through 81 single-square lights and especially convenient fully automatic piece recognition.

The computer unit itself is located in a separate casing with a very generous back-lit screen offering a diverse array of display options (similar to the former Mephisto high-end models), which can also be used as a chess clock during a game.

The convenience of the fully automatic board is excellent, especially the high recognition speed and reliability. There is no need to look at the computer display during the game thanks to the brightly lit 4 LEDs per square on the board.

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Chess board, approx. 40 x 40 x 2 cm, king height approx. 7.4 cm

ARM Cortex M7 / 300MHz / 2048 KB ROM / 384 KB RAM

Hand-crafted wooden sensor board with fully automatic piece recognition

81 single-square LEDs (4 each per square)

Separate chess clock module with very large display (73 x 39 mm), adjustable lighting and flexible display options (chess clock, multi-line information display, chess board Display)

Software updates via USB port, hardware module is fully exchangeable

Saving and loading games (PGN Format), firmware updates or engines

Power pack for international sockets included (EU, UK, US)


ChessGenius by Richard Lang, developed on the basis of the famous world championship-winning programs

> 2300 ELO (at tournament Level)

Infinite number of difficulty levels with variable settings; fun levels (makes mistakes on purpose), easy levels (limits the number of calculated moves), speed and fast chess, tournament chess with/without Fischer’s clock, etc.

Variable configuration from 50–300 MHz

Choice between the Classic London Book (57,000 positions) and the new Master Book (> 300,000 positions by M. Uniacke

Cursor-operated menu; info display scrollable in 5 lines; 7 language settings available

For entering games and analyses

Take back and repeat an unlimited number of moves

  • Display of suggested moves
  • Display of position rating and main line
  • Display of permanent brain calculations
  • Display of the calculation depth and number of moves analysed
  • Easy entering of chess positions (using automatic piece recognition)
  • Position control with board display
  • Analysis mode with countless options
  • Alternative moves
  • A wide variety of settings (display contrast, turn board, calculation speed, chess clock left or right, chess trainer etc.)

Download Firmware C23

The following data explains how to download and use the latest firmware.

M820 CGX Tool for Windows english
M820 CGX for 2018 C23 Manual english
M820 CGX Tool for MAC de/en

Download Portable Game Notification

The following data explains how to download and use the tool.

M820 PGN Tool for Windows english
M820 PGN Tool for Mac

Experience the natural and comfortable playing feel of ChessGenius Exclusive:

Connect the new ChessLink to the MILLENNIUM Exclusive chess board and hitherto unknown possibilities will open up to you.

ChessLink enables users to connect a variety of mobile or stationary devices to the MILLENNIUM sensor board and play against preinstalled programs or numerous Winboard or UCI engines and compete against opponents from all over the world on the Internet. Because of the LEDs on the sensor board there is no need to watch the display of the connected device while playing. You can fully concentrate on the sensor board.

ChessLink features both a USB port as well as a Bluetooth receiver.

Expand your horizons – together we move into new dimensions of Chess !

Chess for Android

Aart Bik

Suitable for mobile android devices.

The free app integrates several free engines. It also offers the possiblity to connect UCI engines.


Mark Uniacke

Suitable for Apple’s mobile devices: iPhone & iPad.

This famous world-class program is available for free update (for already installed Apps). Playing for example on an Apple iPad Pro, HIARCS achieves an incredible playing strength of over 3100 ELO.

Fortunately, it can automatically adapt to the user’s level of play and show his ELO Rating

Python library for Integration in chess software

Dominik Schlösser

Suitable for:

  • Linux, USB, Bluetooth-LE
  • Raspberry PI, USB, Bluetooth LE
  • Windows: USB
  • MacOS: USB

The software is designed in such a way that it is easy to add new transports (e.g. other Bluetooth variants).

On the basis of our interface definitions for the chess link, Dominik Schlösser has written a library for the Python programming language, which allows a comparatively easy integration of the interface into existing chess software products. The project is currently still in its early stages, and is designed to allow chess software developers to quickly integrate the ChessLink and the Millennium exclusive checkerboard

The library supports:

  • Automatic hardware detection on USB
  • Automatic Bluetooth search
  • Train display via LEDs (optional display of 4 deductions in the analysis mode via LED sequences)
  • Interoperability with Python-chess
  • Fen Import
  • Position setup via board or Fen
  • UCI engines (tested with Stockfish and Leela chess Zero)

The library abstracts the details of the log, and provides functions such as: querying the position of the Millennium Board in fen format, passing the user’s train to the engine, Signalisi the engine’s train by LEDs

Our request: If you want to use the library or our interface, please inform us briefly about your project and also about the completion. We would like to pay tribute to successful implementations and make them available to all users at this point. Simply send a short email at

The necessary files-including the complete interface documentation from the ChessLink-can be found on GitHub.

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Dear creators!

This being an open system, the specifications are released to any interested developers worldwide. The MILLENNIUM interface code can be integrated into any GUI, e.g. Android or Apple iOS smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows or Apple Computers.

Please contact our office in Munich:

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