ChessLink combines the best of digital and analog chess world

For all those who appreciate the comfortable game on the chess board, but do not want to do without the versatility of apps and online games.

Draw from the full with the ChessLink. The slim device gives you access to various chess engines that you would normally have to play on screen. The ChessLink lets you play them all on your comfortable Millennium Exclusive sensor board.

Play online against friends worldwide or compete in online tournaments, directly on your comfortable chessboard. Attention: this function is still under development and will be available soon.

The connection with the ChessLink is very easy and quick. Thanks to the fully automatic sensor board with 81 LEDs, your eyes will always be on the board and the pieces. So your concentration is exactly where it belongs: in the game!

“What you can’t measure, you can’t steer.” (Peter Drucker). HIARCS adapts to your individual playing strength. Tip: The ELO number is displayed. So you can find out your personal ELO number and analyze your progress!

Automatically record and save games within the apps. Later recall them at any time.

The open interface of ChessLink clears the way for many new applications and extensions. We will gladly keep you up to date on new connections. Just subscribe to our newsletter and don’t miss any news. A game without limits – also in the future.

Chess for Android

Aart Bik

Suitable for mobile android devices

The free app integrates several free engines. It also offers the possiblity to connect UCI engines.

You have a question about Chess for Android? Click here and send your support request directly to the developer.


Mark Uniacke

Suitable for Apple’s mobile devices: iPhone & iPad

This famous world-class program is available for free update (for already installed Apps). Playing for example on an Apple iPad Pro, HIARCS achieves an incredible playing strength of over 3100 ELO.

Fortunately, it can automatically adapt to the user’s level of play and show his ELO Rating.

You have a question about HIARCS? Click here and send your support request directly to the developer.

Python library for integration in chess software

Dominik Schlosser

Suitable for:

  • Linux, USB, Bluetooth-LE
  • Raspberry PI, USB, Bluetooth LE
  • Windows: USB
  • MacOS: USB

The software is designed in such a way that it is easy to add new transports (e.g. other Bluetooth variants).

On the basis of our interface definitions for the chess link, Dominik Schlösser has written a library for the Python programming language, which allows a comparatively easy integration of the interface into existing chess software products. The project is currently still in its early stages, and is designed to allow chess software developers to quickly integrate the ChessLink and the Millennium exclusive checkerboard.

The library supports:

  • Automatic hardware detection on USB
  • Automatic Bluetooth search
  • Train display via LEDs (optional display of 4 deductions in the analysis mode via LED sequences)
  • Interoperability with Python-chess
  • Fen Import
  • Position setup via board or Fen
  • UCI engines (tested with Stockfish and Leela chess Zero)

The library abstracts the details of the log, and provides functions such as: querying the position of the Millennium Board in fen format, passing the user’s train to the engine, Signalisi the engine’s train by LEDs

Our request: If you want to use the library or our interface, please inform us briefly about your project and also about the completion. We would like to pay tribute to successful implementations and make them available to all users at this point. Simply send a short email at

The necessary files-including the complete interface documentation from the ChessLink-can be found on Github.

Dear creators!

This being an open system, the specifications are released to any interested developers worldwide. The MILLENNIUM interface code can be integrated into any GUI, e.g. Android or Apple iOS smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows or Apple Computers.

Please contact our office in Munich:

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