The King Exclusive Chess960 Edition

The King Exclusive Chess960 Edition consists of the MILLENNIUM Exclusive sensor board with automatic piece recognition and the King Element chess clock module. This is equipped with an Editions badge and has a laser engraved serial number. The special collector’s packaging with a two-colour foil stamp rounds off the exclusive overall picture.

The special features of this unique special edition:

  • Exclusive board including King Element module
  • Lasered serial number on the arithmetic unit
  • Editions sticker on the unit of account
  • Special packaging with gold and silver-colored foil embossing
  • Limited to a total of 250 pieces
The King Exclusive Chess960 Edition
M820 Chess Genius Exclusive

MILLENNIUM Exclusive Sensor Board

The MILLENNIUM Exclusive is a very flat, handmade wooden sensor board with move indication by 81 single field lights as well as extremely comfortable fully automatic figure recognition. The noble sensor board convinces by its high recognition speed and reliability. During the game, it is not necessary to look at the display of the chess computer due to the brightly lit 4 LEDs per playing field.

Handmade wooden sensor board with fully automatic figure recognition

81 single field LEDs (4 per field)

40 x 40 x 2 cm (King Height: 7,4 cm)

  • Software updates via USB interface
  • Hardware module completely exchangeable
  • Save and load games (PNG format)
  • optional download of opening libraries, firmware updates or engines

Mains adapter (with plugs for EU, UK, US, AUS) included

New: The King Element with Chess960

The top module The King Element by the well-known Dutch programmer Johan de Koning is an extension for the ChessGenius Exclusive. At the request of numerous chess friends and in reminiscence of the legendary TASC chess computers, this module was designed in an elegant wooden case in “retro design”. The new King Element module is now available with an extended software scope. Beside the popular game variant Chess960 (and/or Fischer Random Chess) the program offers 7 additional opening books. It also displays the opening names and ECO codes and suggests the most common moves so that you can train specific openings.

The King Chess960 Edition

The King Element offers completely new and interesting challenges as a chess opponent with its outstanding playing strength and the computer-untypical playing style. More human and emotional you will not play against any chess computer!

The King reminds of the legendary TASC R40, the hithero strongest board computer. With its unique, harmonious design it fits perfectly to your Exclusive Sensorboard.

With The King Element an almost unlimited number of difficulty levels is adjustable and for especially strong players tournament levels are available. A highlight is the adjustable processor throttle: This allows you to reduce the performance of the computer without interfering with playing style and chess knowledge.

Many levels can be selected especially for beginners. Especially the Easy-Levels are rated as especially harmonious, because a special system allows a reduction of the playing strength up to the beginner level without the game looking unnatural.

With the opening libraries more highlights are waiting for you; The “Aegon Book” is the classic for Johan de Koning’s program.
The “Master Book” (>300,000 positions) by Mark Uniacke from HIARCS is an extremely broad and modern variant that guarantees a varied game.

An absolute highlight is the function for saving various “player personalities”. Step by step you create your “King” – your personal chess opponent, designed according to your preferences and strengths! For this you can adapt innumerable parameters of the software, and store in 3 profiles.

The device is extremely information-joyful: Example for this are the announcement of movement suggestions, the announcement of the position evaluation and main variant, the announcement of the permanent Brain calculations as well as the announcement of the number of the calculated movement possibilities.

Saving and loading games in PGN format with subsequent export via the USB interface is also possible.

Chess960 is also known as Fischer-Random-Chess or Fischerchess. World champion (1972-75) Bobby Fischer developed this creative variant with 960 different starting positions. In 2009 the rules of Chess960 were adopted by the World Chess Federation FIDE.

The King differs substantially from ChessGenius in the type of chess game. Playing chess gets aggressive and emotional! With The King Element you bring a second opponent into your house, who will give you a lot of joy.


RM Cortex M7 with 300 MHz, 2048 KB ROM

384 KB

approx. 7.4 x 3.9 cm, illuminated

The King von Johan de Koning

approx. 18 x 15 x 5 cm

7 languages available  (DE / GB / FR / NL / ES / IT / RU)

USB, DIN, main adaptor (9V DC)

Selection of different opening books: the classic Aegon Book, the Master Book (> 300,000 Pos.) by M. Uniacke, or special user books

  • Save and load games, plus optional download of opening libraries, firmware updates or program enhancements
  • Countless configuration options: Configure up to three different opponent personalities for a game, such as against real chess grandmasters
  • Countless difficulty levels, infinitely configurable

Welcome to Millennium Chess School

How do you actually play Chess960? In the MILLENNIUM chess school the Chess960 rules are clearly explained. Of course you will also find all the rules of classical chess there.

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