Lucas Chess® Version 0.35f

This comprehensive program package with its own graphical user interface can also be operated via Bluetooth on the eONE and the MILLENNIUM wooden boards since November 2021 thanks to the work of freelance programmers Lars Nowak and Graham O’Neil.

Lucas Chess offers a large number of already integrated engines, selectable by playing strength, playing style. Free” games are possible as well as rated games. After the game you get your updated rating.

The rating level makes a good impression (in contrast to LiChess, which shows values inflated by at least 200 points).

Lucas Chess Playing Levels

The player chooses one of the engines listed in the submenu within one level (here Elo 1400).

The player chooses a fixed combination of Elo level and playing style from 133 possibilities in the entire range Elo 1190 and 2850.

Opponents for young players or beginners, with significantly less than 1000 Elo – points.

These engines usually have animal names (“Monkey”, “Rat”). It is also possible to play rating games with these.

Set up of eONE

In the first step, the user must add his eONE as a Bluetooth device in Windows. This is then securely recognized as “Millennium Chess”.

In the second step, it is recommended to check in the Windows “Device Manager” which COM number the “Millennium Chess” occupies (here COM10, see figure).

In Lucas Chess at the latest now in “Configuration” the indication is made that you want to use a Millennium board (see figure).

To actually assign the board to a COM port within Lucas Chess, it is necessary to start a game. A window opens – and selects the COM port set in the device manager.

Tip: It is also possible to try out the – mostly few existing – COM ports without starting the Device Manager first.


Board is not found, respectively no COM number from above selection is accepted.

Cause: This can be the case if several Millennium ChessLink modules or eONE copies were in use. Windows often does not delete previously active BT devices from the configuration in the Device Manager. This has to be done by the user.

Problem solution: Delete all MILLENNIUM Chess components (right click in Device Manager) and let the system “find” them again.