ChessLink App

ChessLink app

Play online otb (over the board)

Play online chess on your Millennium Board. ChessLink app is free and allows you to play with friends from all over the world over Simply download the app and connect to the board via ChessLink module.

Your eyes and focus stay on the board and you can enjoy the online game to the full. Real wood board and handmade pieces give you the classic feeling of playing.

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Create Lichess account and start playing

Do you already have a free account on If not, create one quickly. Just connect to the app and your first online game on the eboard can begin!

Connect to these boards

Play on your Exclusive Board or The King Performance. With the ChessLink module you can connect your board to the app.

Supreme Tournament 55

The real wood board Supreme Tournament 55 has tournament size with its 55 cm. The fully automatic figure recognition as well as 81 LEDs for move indication provide a perfect and natural playing experience. The “American Staunton” style figures and the dimmable LEDs complete the elegant overall picture.

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Exclusive Board

Exclusive board

The Exclusive board with fully automatic piece recognition and LED move indication offers the highest level of comfort – also for online chess. You can move the pieces naturally and without pressure or even slide them. Via ChessLink module and app you connect your board with Online chess has never been so comfortable. The Exclusive Board is part of different computer chess sets, e.g. ChessGenius Exclusive.

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The King Performance

The King Performance

The Performance Board with integrated chess computer has an especially smooth-running sensor board and LED move display. Via ChessLink module and app you can also use the board for online gaming.

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ChessLink module

The connection between board and app is established via the ChessLink module.

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Your feedback is welcome

Will you help us to improve? Tell us where you have problems with the ChessLink app or which features you wish for. For your feedback, please use this form. We appreciate all comments and thank you in advance for your help.