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  • ChessGenius

Already a classic today: price & performance in perfect symbiosis.

You can already play chess and are looking for a challenge? Or an opponent who has always time for you?

With the ChessGenius you get one of the most powerful chess computers ever with the world famous software ChessGenius. You can play and train at different levels – from experienced tournament players to beginners. With a fast processor and over 2000 ELO you always have a strong opponent in front of you.

Thanks to the 20 x 20 cm large MILLENNIUM HighSensitive chessboard and the illuminated display you play extremely comfortably and quickly at your desired level. The ChessGenius  leaves (almost) nothing to be desired.

The ChessGenius is equipped with the latest MILLENNIUM HighSensitive pressure sensor technology. The especially easy to usse and with 20 x 20 cm extra large chess board provides maximum gaming fun!

A large, illuminated LCD screen displays the chess board virtually and serves to display help and control functions.

With 7 languages for all menu and help texts as well as the operating instructions, the right language is available for (almost) everyone!

With ChessGenius an almost unlimited number of difficulty levels can be set and tournament levels are available for particularly strong players.

You can also select levels especially for beginners. The optional switchable chess trainer warns of bad moves, offers their withdrawal and makes suggestions for improvement for more optimal moves.

The average time per move and the maximum total time per game are also adjustable.

The very well implemented beginner levels are set so that even on low difficulty levels an attractive game is offered.

The ChessGenius is suitable for every chess player with these features – from beginners to experienced tournament players.

The ChessGenius contains – name-giving – one of the most famous chess engines of all times: ChessGenius by Richard Lang.

The Englishman with his 10 World Championship titles in computer chess is without doubt one of the most successful chess programmers of all time. His legendary program ChessGenius succeeded on 31.08.1994 in the historical first victory of a chess program over a reigning world chess champion at a official tournament: World champion Garry Kasparov was defeated at the Intel Grand Prix tournament in London with 1.5 : 0.5 points.

You can also use the device comfortably on the go. With appropriate alkaline batteries and the ECO mode, you can have many hours of fun with one set of batteries.

If you want to store your pieces in the compartment under the device, you can buy the smaller set of pieces from the M800 Europe Chess Champion . The pieces set is available at the MILLENNIUM Service Center under support@millennium2000.de.

The switchable energy saving mode ensures a long playing time even with battery operation. The ChessGenius can be operated with 3x AA batteries.

Alternatively use the separately available power supply MILLENNIUM M811.



ARM Cortex M4 / 48 MHz

32 KB

magnetic pressure sensor board: MILLENNIUM HIGHSensitive-Board (NEW in 2019)

Illuminated chessboard display

ChessGenius by Richard Lang

> 2000 ELO

Chess Board 20 x 20 cm (Kings height: 4.8 cm)

30 x 27.5 x 3 cm

text-based, 7 languages (DE / GB / FR / NL / ES / IT / RU)

3 x AA alkaline batteries (included); Power supply connector for M811 included


> 20.000 opening books


M811 Power Supply Netzteil

5V DC Power Supply

Sockets for international use included.

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