The second event via Tornelo

On October 27th the 2nd Tornelo Millennium Hybrid Test Event took place in Munich, Berlin and Pattonville.

A total of 10 players with 10 Supreme Tournament 55 boards at 3 venues participated.

We played 9 rounds of blitz with 5/5 time control.

The Tornelo setup was, like last time, organized by Bernhard Ries in Berlin.

Highlights for the players

The players mentioned a few points as their personal highlights in the “hybrid OTB experience”.
Number one was the speed of the train detection. It is much higher than the players expected, it can be described as instantaneous. A video was shot in Pattonville to give you an idea. The game had only 20 seconds left, yet the players do everything on the boards and don’t have to switch to mouse control. This was reported at each game location.


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The second highlight: there was not a single missed move!

The third highlight

Many players got excited about the possibility of playing before the turn. If a player already “knows” what the opponent’s next move will be, he can preplay it and put his answer already on the board. If the guess was correct, the player’s move is executed immediately without losing thinking time. If the player’s guess was wrong, the move is not executed, but the player must first correct the board position (which of course costs him thinking time). The players loved this!

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